Courtesy Of GQ Magazine

The story starts three weeks ago when, to celebrate the release of his new album Astroworld, Travis Scott kicked off a crafty album release that helped him dominate the charts this week. Putting out merch along with a new album is practically de rigueur for artists today, but Scott took a unique, hype-driven approach. Every 24 hours, for nine days, the merch on Scott’s website turned over. Hoodies with massive graphics and ashtrays one day, replaced by a crate (seriously) and dad caps the next. On the last day of the initial capsule release, Scott launched a white T-shirt with an action figure-style graphic of himself—designed, of course, by Louis Vuitton and Off White’s Virgil Abloh. Once that nine-day drop wrapped up, Scott released a whole new set of merch dedicated to his record imprint Cactus Jack. In her tweets, Minaj claimed that Scott sold 200,000 pieces of apparel in the first week alone. Which might seem an odd thing for her to be upset about—until you learn what was included with each of those purchases.

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