We’ve had our eyes on Thutmose for a minute now as he’s been returning consistently with matchless content. 2018 was quite the year for the New York-based rapper-songwriter, not only landing track “Run Wild” on EA Sports’ FIFA World Cup 2018 but also topping the year off with yet another appearance on the official Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack. As Thutmose continues to thrive and grow artistically, the light that shines through becomes even brighter as he builds his legacy. This is especially evident in his latest single to be released, “Wait Up”, which showcases a mushy and more softhearted side of himself. Produced by Avedon, Thutmose expresses to his love interest how he truly feels, while also focusing particularly on his melodic vocals and whimsical lyrics. “Lemme tell you/This is special/Running through my mind/Won’t you wait up wait up wait up..”, he raps almost effortlessly, creating an ear-grabbing hook that makes it very difficult not to play this track more than once.

Press play below to stream “Wait Up” below:

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