Snp Camo, has been rapping since he was 15 but just started taking it seriously 2 years ago.  He got the name SNP from my late grandfather who recently passed away just one day before his birthday. SNP is short for Snap a childhood nickname he gave him because he has a very short temper and would snap real quick. I grew up on the Eastside of Charlotte off the plaza rd and Milton rd but was constantly moving from side to side. Growing up in the city was rough I’ve been homeless multiple times living out of my mothers car at the time it was me, my older sister Alexis and younger brother David. We been through a lot growing up and that just motivates me more, I now put all my pain and sorrow into my music and I believe my story should be heard and can be related to by many. I’m here because the music saved my life!! I lost my best friend Jaquaz. Back in higxbc    h school and ever since then I knew that the streets ain’t for me anymore and I had to get serious about my music and it’s been up ever since!!!