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A lot can happen in less than 6 months as many a model could tell you. However for Alexis Ruby, that short span of time has amassed jobs with the upscale clientele that most models dream of landing. Marc JacobsNike, and Tommy Hilfiger aren’t bad for a rookie but when you take in the fact that Ruby traded in the sanctimonious singing spotlight for the hot flashing lights of the runway then you respect her momentum even more. Her Southern charm seems to have captivated the powers that be if you heed editrix Katie Grand‘s opinion so we turned the spotlight on the newest muse as she gives us a crash course in between fashion capitals on her origins, her model inspirations and working with the living masters of fashion.

On her origins
I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. I was scouted by my mother agent, Demanti St. Claire of St. Claire Models, through Instagram.

On walking for the big fish of New York, Marc Jacobs
Walking for Marc Jacobs twice has been a whirlwind! I was so nervous last season because it was a whole different level of anxiety doing something that I’ve never done before. This season, while the nerves were still there I felt confident because I knew that runway was exactly where I was supposed to be.

On how she prepped for all the mania
If your first show is as big a production as only Marc Jacobs can be, nothing else surprises you. This season I will say I did learn a lot more about taking care of myself. Health is definitely wealth and it’s important to keep that in mind when running from casting to casting all around the city. Adjusting eating habits, routines, and sleep schedules have been a major part of having a successful season.
On working with the master
Steven Meisel is so iconic. Having the chance to work with him was so huge! The campaign images came out better than I could have imagined.

On who she looks up to in a sea of models
I am inspired by many models in this industry. Ashley Graham, Precious, Paloma, Jennifer Atilémile, and so many more; all of them bring something different to the table and all of them leave us wanting more! The fact that we are all with IMG just solidifies for me that I’m in the right place, with the perfect team.

On her future in the industry, she’s just looking on the bright side
I am just looking forward to taking this world by storm. Thanks to the ones who came before me who broke the glass ceiling, I don’t feel like there’s anything I can’t do. I don’t have a dream job per se but there are a few people I hope to be able to work with in the future. I’m just thankful for any and every opportunity.