Hello! My name is Aidan Bittle (Type1). I am an independent alternative hip-hop artist out of Athens, Georgia. I started toying with the idea to make music in November of 2018. I finally decided to go for it in January 2019. I dropped my first release on Soundcloud called “Space Walker”. It seemed to grab some people around me, as I got a lot of attention from it. Then I released a couple more singles, to build up to my debut album release in June 2019. The album is titled “From the Minds of the Wicked”. It was written to represent how different people deal with pain and adversity. A few months after releasing “FTMOTW”, I released my biggest single, “Colder”. The song represents moving on from the pain described in “FTMOTW”. “Colder” generated tens of thousands of streams and purchases across all platforms, which gave me a lot of recognition and respect in the local music scene and some surrounding areas.

In January of 2020, I released my second complete album, titled ALTERNATE REALITY. The album as a whole is based off the platform that was laid out by “Colder”. It represents transition from pain to content and happiness. ALTERNATE REALITY showed my versatility musically (upbeat hip-hop, alternative rock, emo hip-hop, etc.) and continued the growth that “Colder” started. I began a tradition of releasing music on the first Friday of every month. My February release, “California Dreams” was by far the most streamed song I’ve put out. Garnering 30,000 streams in only two weeks of release across all platforms was a huge step!That is where I am now. I have shown constant growth in my sound, skill, and recognition. I can’t wait to see where this takes me. Much love!

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