From the way she spits her bars you can tell everything is authentic. Dope swag, aggressive but still sexy and feminine. I think its time to Get to know Miss Mack!!

Where you from?

Born in Hollywood ca grew up in both south central and Bompton
I was in the foster system kuz my mom died so moved around alot

What influence you to rap ?

When my mom died I started writing poetry to help express my pain that turned into rap. I love lil wayne he was a big influencer


What kind of Artist are you ?

I guess I would say I’m a female gangster/ rapper lol. I just try talk bout real shit I’ve been thru and tell a story. With out rapping about sex and working men like most artist out right now.

What’s ur latest Record out ?

Latest song out is No Cap just released that. Also No Smoke , I recorded no smoke a whole ago but havent promoted it but I’m bout 2 start since I’m working on the music video for it.

What do you want ur Fans to Mainly know about you ?

Pretty much everything I said. I want to empower women kno they are bosses not items and they should want their own we done need to use our bodies and fuck men to be that. Go to school work hard grind

To get to know Miss Mack more follow her on IG @Purrty_n_ink