Yoo make sure you put Yea Its B on your MF radar A MF SAP. He is dope and has a different style. Nice metaphors and you can visualize his art!! Get to know Yea Its B below!
What’s up family, yeah it’s B here. I’m an aspiring musician coming out of Pensacola, Florida (The 8) and i’m here to talk about myself and my newest drop “clear conscience.”
Ever since day one of making music I realized that it is so much more fun making it with people you enjoy to be around. That’s why all of my tracks are featured with my closest friends such as Kai Don & Jocali of The Dons (Our collective) or FOURDFOUR the person who put me on and stuck with me since I first touched the mic.
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I always had looked up to the greats growing up such as Kanye, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake. That’s why my sound is so much different from other artists. And that’s the exact sound I tried to capture on “clear conscience.”
Whenever I wrote the track I was in the darkest point of my career no direction, fake support, I felt as if my time has came and went. So I was like, bump it let me put my inner thoughts on this track hence the name “clear conscience.”
I appreciate you all for taking the time out and reading this, go stream the track ASAP no Rocky! Love, family.