Deonta (Tayy Dior) Johnson was born September 29, 1996, to Lawanda Williams and Dion Johnson. Growing up on Detroit’s Eastside, she was always the life of the party and was known for dancing. Tayy Dior wrote her first song in 4th grade as a tribute to her uncle.

Dancing and writing were her favorites past-times and very important to her childhood. She admits that she would sneak and read her mother’s books and always knew she would one day write her own.

During high school years, she experienced a lot of personal and family challenges which took her heart away from her first loves of dancing and writing. Tayy began running the streets with her older sisters and she would soon find herself pregnant at 15. She didn’t know what to do and didn’t see much support around her so she kept her pregnancy a secret until she began showing. She then decided to take life seriously and provide a way for her daughter. She believes that having her daughter saved her life from the streets.

She later began dating a local music producer and this sparked her love for music that had been a major influence on her. She remembers her father and uncle making music when she was a child. Her stage name, Tayy Dior was acquired from a Facebook name she had that she just carried into her music career.

Her musical influences are Tu-Pac, Eve, Foxy Brown, and Lil Snoop. In five years, she sees herself rocking huge stadiums, on tour and being successful.