Following in the footsteps of Kanye, Common, and Chance, Mvjor is well on his
way to becoming the next hip hop icon to emerge from Chicago. But his path to
success wasn’t an easy one. He has endured the struggles of addiction,
homelessness, and a broken home. And yet, he has managed to come out on
the other side as a successful artist and businessman who can be held up as a
role model for future generations.

Mvjor spent his childhood bouncing between Chicago’s Humbolt Park and
Craigin Park Neighborhoods, where the thought of stardom often seems like an
impossible dream. Difficult circumstances at home forced him to grow up quickly,
with hip hop providing him an early path to manhood. The storytelling in his
favorite songs gave him refuge from the chaos of the street life that surrounded
him. When Mvjor got his hands on some rudimentary production equipment, he
decided to turn his back on his old life and embrace a new life as an artist.
What followed was a period of extraordinary creativity. Within a few years,
Mvjor’s production techniques had become so advanced that people from around
the city began coming to him for advice. Showing his gift for entrepreneurship,
he took the opportunity to found his company MvMix LLC, which to this day trains
engineers and producers in Chicago.

As a rapper, Mvjor has shown an uncanny ability to turn his personal struggles
into songs with universal appeal. Sometimes brutally honest, other times
beautifully poetic, Mvjor’s lyrics and melodies contain a sense of truth that
listeners can’t help but gravitate towards.
Now that Mvjor is well on his way to stardom, he is committed to remembering
where he came from, and why he started in the first place. He is a living
testament to the way that music can give strength in the face of insurmountable
odds. With a passion for music that continues to grow every day, there is no
telling how far this young artist might go.