I got my start in music at an early age. I started playing piano , singing in choir and performing in elementary/middle school. My love for the arts continued to grow from there. As I got older these hobbies turned into a passion. I knew I wanted to make music and being an artist into a career. After I finished school in my hometown of Ogden,Utah I decided to move to the Windy city. I was 20 years old with a dollar and a dream in my pocket. I literally! had $7 to my name when I moved to Chicago. I worked a numerous amount of small jobs so I could support myself and make ends meet. While making sure I didn’t forget to feed my hunger of creativity. It was a rough start but as the years went on things began to flow. 

   My overall mission with music is to inspire others to freely express, be themselves and love themselves without restriction. By taking them on my journey of doing just that.

   Currently I am working on my first EP. It’s called The Chrysalis. I chose the title because of what the word chrysalis means. When you look up the definition of this word you’ll see it defined as : a preparatory or transitional state. In a literal sense when you see this word you’d probably think of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Figuratively one would probably relate the word with change. Overall the butterfly signifies transformation to me. That word just really stuck out the most to me. So I decided to go with that name. I felt like it best described me as an artist and the songs that will be on this project. You’ll not only be able to see my growth and transformation but listeners will hear the transformation of my music in this project.

While this project is being worked on I do have singles out now that can be streamed on all streaming platforms.