As the Dreamville Records boss effortlessly rapped over the classic Souls beat, he made a reference to Bill Cosby that included a punchline about him infamously drugging women.

“Or who they debatin’ is better/Let’s face it, he one of the greatest/No Bill Cosby shit, but if n-ggas is sleepin’, then fuck ’em,” he spit. “Most n-ggas don’t understand me/I don’t do the GRAMMYs, I be in my jammies on sofa/Most n-ggas don’t understand me.”

Fans were disappointed Cole chose to include such a tone deaf line and went in on the typically celebrated MC. But even with the questionable line, fans and peers alike were blown away by J. Cole’s rhyming skills. During the same “93 Til Infinity” run, he rapped, “Hardest shit out the South since slavery, n-gga,” which caught the attention of Jermaine Dupri. Shortly after the clip went live, the So So Def mogul tweeted with an air of disbelief, “N-gga say the hardest thing out the south since slavery.”

Earlier this week, Cole’s team unleashed a documentary about the album titled Applying Pressure: The Off-Season. 

“This is the moment that a lot of your favorite rappers hit a crossroad,” J. Cole admits as “interlude” plays in the background. “Are you OK with getting comfortable? Did you leave no stone unturned creatively?”

What do you all think? Was his line tone-deaf to the situation? Or was the line just apart of his creative process? Go on our Instagram post @ReddBranding and let us know what you think in the comments!

Courtesy of HipHopDX