Remy posted details of her look on Instagram stating “I BEEN doing inches; now I’m doing feet!!! @DaRealTerrenceDavidson slayed this frontal!”  Also giving us some behind-the-scenes tea as she modeled her look.  “Sidebar: I’m almost 5’10”, plus I’m wearing 4” heels- and bundles still dragging


 Double Sidebar: I missed the elevator 9 times filming this


”   Her hairstylist Terrance Davidson who used Kendra’s Boutique hair shared in her sentiment with a simple statement “ASSIGNMENT COMPLETED. #bethiphopawards @remyma x #king 


 EVEN THO WE STARTED IT. HAIR TO DA FLO!!!! 80inches and then some ( we trimmed the hair that was dragging too much on the floor so there’s your and then some.

Courtesy Of The Source TASHA TURNER